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Månedlige Oppdateringer fra 2008

Conservation in Thailand - Monthly Update September 2008

September has been a rather quiet month with only up to 3 volunteers at the house. Most of the diving was for training so we did not get many surveys or reef salvage done but we continued our effort at the mangroves and with beach clean-ups. We also carried on with the preparation of International Coastal Clean-Up (ICC) for the 3rd of October.

Conservation in Thailand - Monthly Update August 2008

This month of August has been another busy month despite the low season here in Ao Nang. Once more the weather has been on our side, the sun was shining nearly everyday which is very unusual for a rainy season. Some of us were hoping to have more rain during the very hot mangrove days! We started the month with our second 2 week special session and had up to 11 volunteers.

Conservation in Thailand - Monthly Update July 2008

In addition to our usual activities, we have also been on a 3-day trip to Koh Jum to do some environmental education with the two schools on this island, went to he fisheries department to help maintaining their facilities and Chane and I have had a number of meetings to prepare for the International Coastal Clean-up campaign which will take place in September and October.

Conservation in Thailand - Monthly Update June 2008

After a quiet month in May, we saw volunteer numbers increase in June and were able to spend more time out in the field. After a few days of dive training, we joined other volunteers at Tung Prasan for World Environment Day on the 5th of June. There were many of us altogether with our usual partners form the local community, staff form the Thai public electricity provider and students from NuakKlong high school.

Conservation in Thailand - Monthly Update May 2008

May has been a strange month for the project here in Krabi in that for one week in the middle of the month we had no volunteers. In my two years here we have not had this situation, although there was a time in September last year when we only had one volunteer for three days.

Conservation in Thailand - Monthly Update April 2008

As Marten mentioned in the last update, teaching and conservation volunteers joined forces for 3 days to raise environmental with participating children from NonThale and AoNang. Knot had prepared slide shows about reef and mangroves ecology and marine debris which he presented the first day when we had a 'workshop' with games and a play by the volunteers.

Conservation in Thailand - Monthly Update March 2008

March has been a busy month here in Ao Nang, with volunteers learning about fish breeding during a bio-workshop at Krabi Fisheries Department, releasing anemonefish and damselfish on various local reefs, measuring the corals in the nursery at Viking Cave, designing an environmental-awareness poster, cleaning a couple of beaches, transplanting mangrove saplings and collecting over 1,500 mangrove seeds.

Conservation in Thailand - Monthly Update February 2008

I ended January's update by mentioning 2008 was International Year of the Reef (IYOR), which is a worldwide drive to raise environmental awareness about coral reefs and the threats they face, and to encourage conservation activities from all sectors of society to help preserve the reef ecosystems.

Conservation in Thailand - Monthly Update January 2008

2008 has started well with January flying by amid plenty of hard work and follow up activity from last year's fantastic efforts and achievements. Continuing with the environmental cleaning accomplishments of 2007, January has seen good results in both reef salvage and land based cleanups.

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