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Månedlige Oppdateringer fra 2012

Conservation in Thailand - Monthly Update December 2012

It's the last month of what has been a great year for us here in Thailand, our conservation project is going as strong as ever. Our diving based projects were successful this month with seven reef check surveys and we cleaned up a large area picking up plenty of rubbish.

Conservation in Thailand - Monthly Update November 2012

November has been a busy month for the conservation team here in Thailand. Despite the unpredictable weather and sporadic rain we have managed to squeeze in plenty of conservation work as well as have some fun.

Conservation in Thailand - Monthly Update October 2012

In October our volunteers did a total of 12 reef check survey dives, this was a great amount as the October weather was fairly kind to us. Out of the 12 surveys they did, results have shown that the species of coral that was spotted most during October was the brain coral. There was also a large amount of Moorish idols that kept our volunteers amused, not to mention 3 moray eels, one of which was a giant moray.

Conservation in Thailand - Monthly Update September 2012

Overall this month, we had quite a bit of bad weather.  There was a lot of rain, high winds, and large waves.  Because of this, we spent most of the month diving locally.  The volunteers did a great job collecting a lot of debris.  We had some sites where 10- 15 kilos were brought up on one single dive.

Conservation in Thailand - Monthly Update July August 2012

What a busy summer we had here on the conservation project in Thailand! We welcomed over 40 volunteers to join us throughout July and August, including the 2 Week Special volunteers. With so many people, we were able to do a lot of data collection, surveys and environmental work. Everyone benefitted from so many willing hands, all coming together to make a difference in this part of the world.

Conservation in Thailand - Monthly Update June 2012

June was a fantastic month for us here on the Thailand Conservation Project – we got to be involved in some great community events and worked closely with our partners, government agencies and local environmental groups throughout the entire month.

Conservation in Thailand - Monthly Update May 2012

Our volunteer numbers went up to over 20 during May and what a great time we had. Sadly however, the end of the month saw the end of project for a number of our longer term volunteers. The hardest thing about this job, is definitely saying 'goodbye.'

Conservation in Thailand - Monthly Update April 2012

Friday 13th is often seen as an unlucky day, but not this April because this was the day that the Thai New Year (Songkran) fell upon. The Thai people celebrate Songkran by throwing water over everyone they see! This was not to be missed and so we all got involved arming ourselves with water guns, super soakers and buckets we hit the streets of Ao Nang joining in the biggest water fight in the world!

Conservation in Thailand - Monthly Update March 2012

March was a very busy month for volunteers and staff. We were sad to see a number of long term volunteers leave, but excited to welcome many new volunteers too! Let me give you an update on the worthwhile work the volunteers have to helping with over the month of March.

Conservation in Thailand - Monthly Update February 2012

As our volunteer numbers grew to over 20 during February, we entered into a new phase of conservation work. We embarked on new surveys, projects and workshops around Southern Thailand and enhanced our existing projects by getting out in the community and spreading our important environmental message. We have really needed all the extra hands as our work moves into the next level of helping to protect and sustain this beautiful piece of our planet.

Conservation in Thailand - Monthly Update January 2012

The conservation team and volunteers had a great start to 2012 as everyone enjoyed a buffet dinner together in Ao Nang then headed to the beach to watch a spectacular firework display. The month has flown by, so here's a summary of what we have been doing to help save this little piece of the planet....

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