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Galapagos Øybevaring - Frivillig Arbeid på Galapagos, Ecuador: Månedlige Oppdateringer

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Månedlige Oppdateringer fra 2013

Conservation in Ecuador Monthly Update December 2013

Our conservation efforts on the island have been operating for many months now and our commitment is to help the Galapagos National Park (PNG) in many different projects designed to protect and restore the unique ecosystems of the Galapagos.

Conservation in Ecuador Monthly Update October – November 2013

We have been working in the Giant Tortoise Breeding Centre (Chelonoidis chathamensis) in conjunction with the Galapagos National Park and this month we have been concentrating on the animals’ diet and the cleaning of the artificial pools where they feed and drink fresh water.

Conservation in Ecuador Monthly Update – October 2013

Our work conserving the unique ecosystems of Galapagos has continued this month and we have been working closely with the National Park Agency (PNG). We have been concentrating a lot on the eradication of introduced plants, such as the “supirrosa” (Lantana camara).

Conservation in Ecuador Monthly Update – July/August 2013

Our labours also include the management, feeding and care of the beautiful giant tortoises and we performed a census where we were fortunate enough to weigh 40 individuals. The park ranger on duty explained how we should manage the gentle giants and gave us a fascinating insight into the life history and biology of this reptile.

Conservation Management Plan Ecuador
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