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Our staff in Etiopia regularly put together a newsletter which is sent to volunteers working in Etiopia at the time, those signed up to join a project in Etiopia and to previous volunteers. The newsletters contain information about the country and our projects, stories written by volunteers, advice on what to expect when volunteering abroad in Etiopia and much more. If you're considering overseas voluntary work the newsletters are a great way to gain a better idea of what to expect.

1,33MB Etiopia Nyheter - Januar 2015
"Timket" (Epiphany), is one of the biggest holidays in Ethiopia. It is the Ethiopian Orthodox celebration of Epiphany. It is celebrated in January 19 (or 20 on Leap Year), corresponding to the 10th day of "Terr" following the Ethiopian calendar.

1,83MB Etiopia Nyheter - Desember 2014
Cathleen Levy is a professional nurse, born in Northern Ireland and currently living in Australia. Cathleen has wanted to work in African for a long time but couldn't due to herprofession and family commitments. When she finally got a long enough leave period from work, she knew the time was right.

1,52MB Etiopia Nyheter - November 2014
Etalemahu Heiz, a recent volunteer, is originally from Ethiopia. She was adopted when she was 8 years old and went to live in Australia. She has family in Ethiopia and came to visit them several times during the past twelve years since she departed for Australia.

2,15MB Etiopia Nyheter - September 2014
Enkutatash, meaning "gift of jewels" in the Amharic language, is the name for the Ethiopian New Year. The story dates back almost 3,000 years to the Queen of Sheba, of ancient Ethiopia and Yemen, who was returning from a trip to visit King Solomon of Israel in Jerusalem; as mentioned in the Bible in I Kings 10 and II Chronicles 9. She had gifted Solomon with 120 talents of gold (4.5 tons) as well as a large amount of unique spices and jewels.

1,24MB Etiopia Nyheter - August 2014
Buhe (Ge'ez: ቡሄ) is a holiday in Ethiopia and Eritrea, held on August, the19th (according to the Gregorian calendar and Nähase 13 Ethiopian calendar). On this date, the church celebrates the Transfiguration of Jesus on Mount Tabor. People of the neighbourhood tie a bundle of sticks together to make a chibo' and set it on fire while singing songs. The main song is called "Hoya Hoye"; with one singer singing while the others follow in a rhythmic way.

1,53MB Etiopia Nyheter - Juli 2014
These students from UVHS and Barrow College (UK) had successfully accomplished their project even before the time they were expected to finish. The dedication and energy they showed was really exceptional and inspiring. Their project was making murals on school walls and building a shelter and seats for eating lunch at Lemlem School.

1,48MB Etiopia Nyheter - Juni 2014
Ever since she attended a conference about youth travelling to developing countries four years ago, 19-year-old Clea Arrieta from Canada, wanted to go and volunteer in a developing country. After she graduated from high school, she used her gap year to fulfill her dream by coming to Ethiopia to volunteer at the Care and Teaching Projects through Projects Abroad.

751KB Etiopia Nyheter - Mai 2014
Using her talent in art, Diana played a great role in teaching the children some creativity. She taught them how to make toys from used plastic bottles and also how to make butterflies from paper and more.

3,42MB Etiopia Nyheter - April 2014
“My wife and I wanted to go as volunteer‟s to another county and help young people. After we got in touch with Projects-Abroad, we decided to come to Ethiopia. When we came here, we came here and discovered the people, the school, the country and really fell in love. We stayed here for two and a half months and went back to Belgium.”

3,40MB Etiopia Nyheter - Mars 2014
Hannah Matthews wanted to use some of her time between school and university to volunteer in a developing country and share the knowledge she possesses. So she decided to sign up with Projects Abroad to work at our Teaching Project in Addis Ababa.

1,40MB Etiopia Nyheter - Februar 2014
Sonja Pijper is a professional physiotherapist and nurse who had many opportunities to spend her time and resources in places where she can make more money and live in her comfort zone. With all her long lived experience and knowledge, she took time to go and volunteer in a developing country sacrificing her time, money and other resources.

2,22MB Etiopia Nyheter - Januar 2014
It's been three weeks since I formally took over as Projects - Abroad Director for Ethiopia but it seems like I've been here longer. Every minute has been an experience worth a thousand words. I've spent a lot of time talking to volunteers, international staff, and local partners who have made me feel at home at Projects Abroad.

773KB Etiopia Nyheter - Desember 2013
If you are looking for a fast and reliable insight into the cultural and ethnological background of Ethiopia, visiting the Ethnographic Museum of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies is a must, yet asking around the location of this museum appears – surprisingly – to be unknown.

777KB Etiopia Nyheter - November 2013
“When in Rome, do as the Romans do’’ may be a lesson learnt from a negative experience resulting from differences in etiquette around the globe. Although foreigners are usually qualified for leniency shown by the locals, it is discreet of you to understand a manner different from your own before you begin your trip.

572KB Etiopia Nyheter - Oktober 2013
I have been in Ethiopia for four days and have made a startling discovery: I love share-taxis but they do not necessarily love me back.

1,07MB Etiopia Nyheter - September 2013
The heartbeat of ancient history still lays at the northern part of Ethiopia. From the former capitals, Yeha and Axum to Lalibela, the north is still covered with unresolved historical mysteries.

1,07MB Etiopia Nyheter - August 2013
I take a minibus to Mercato this afternoon to a large open market resembling the Turkish bazaar in Istanbul except it feels much bigger. Apparently it is the largest market on the African continent. It was originally built by the Italians. On my first visit last year to this quarter of the city I had only been shown the spices area.

1,90MB Etiopia Nyheter - Juli 2013
When you are sitting in a café at the Piassa sipping a foamy macchiato in front of the rationalist building of the Ethiopian Electric Company or that of the Ethiopian Airlines, you immediatly perceive that Ethiopia and Italy have an especially close relationship. Names, food, even the architecture, all remind one of past colonial power.

1,17MB Etiopia Nyheter - Juni 2013
The rock-hewn churches of Lalibela are often called ‘the Eighth Wonder of the World’ for good reason. The network of eleven houses of worship chiselled directly out of basalt rock cut spectacular figures as the sun strikes their sandy-coloured exteriors, with the chipped stairs and cracked walls attesting to their 800-plus years of existence.

1,66MB Etiopia Nyheter - April 2013
I only found out last minute that I had time between jobs to go to Ethiopia. Amazingly, Projects-Abroad managed to organise my placement/home-stay etc. extremely quickly. After a short week of preparation for the trip, I arrived in the middle of Timkat (Epiphany) - Ethiopia’s biggest festival.

1,19MB Etiopia Nyheter - Mars 2013
Hi, my name is Bikesegn, I am working for Projects Abroad Ethiopia as a Project Supervisor and Social Manager. My tasks include supervising volunteer projects and managing volunteer socials - I have much experience working with volunteers in Projects Abroad Ethiopia office.

962KB Etiopia Nyheter - Januar 2013
Injera for breakfast, injera for lunch and injera for dinner is typical and what you should expect here in Ethiopia. The sour taste of this rolled spongy flatbread is something you literally cannot miss if you visit Ethiopia, it is everywhere, and you will, if you wish, get to eat it for every single meal.

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