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Månedlige Oppdateringer fra 2016


The last two months on the Shark Conservation Project have held some very exciting moments for our volunteers. Tagging trips have proved to be fruitful and incredibly thrilling for volunteers with two different species of sharks being successfully tagged and released. The volunteers have put a huge amount of effort into our education program, teaching local children the importance of the marine ecosystem and mangroves. They have also participated in beach cleanups, collecting and safely disposing of plastics that could otherwise end up in our oceans.

Fiji Shark Conservation Bimonthly – July and August 2016

The months of July and August have held some very exciting events for the Shark Conservation Project. The Uprising Beach Resort opened their mangrove nursery, encouraging their guests to plant propagules to offset their carbon emissions from their flights to Fiji. Volunteers were treated to sightings of whales and dolphins on diving days, where they also collected excellent data on indicator fish and many threatened and endangered shark, ray and turtle species.

Fiji Shark Conservation Bimonthly – May and June 2016

Lovely weather over these past few months has meant some brilliant diving in the Beqa Lagoon and amazing data being collected.

Fiji Shark Conservation Bimonthly - March - April 2016

The last two months at the Shark Conservation Project has seen a lot of growth with new projects and hard work from our amazing volunteers. As the cyclone season drew to a close, we experienced heavy rains that cause flooding in many areas of Fiji. Despite some cancelled activities and survey dives, we still collected some excellent data from the Beqa Lagoon during dives and completed a lot of work in the mangrove nurseries.

Månedlige Oppdateringer fra 2015

Shark Conservation Bimonthly - November - December 2015

Throughout 2015, the Projects Abroad Fiji Shark Conservation Project successfully deployed 96 BRUVs and conducted 336 survey dives.

Fiji Shark Conservation - Monthly Update - September - October 2015

The project has been very successful during the months of September and October, as a lot has been achieved. Vinaka to our volunteers for their hard work over the last two months!

Conservation in Fiji - Monthly Update July - August 2015

It has been another wonderful two months for the Shark Conservation project in Fiji. Although we have experienced bad weather, our volunteers have done a lot of great work.

Conservation in Fiji - Monthly Update May - June 2015

It was a great two months here at the Shark Conservation project. The weather hasn't been ideal here in Pacific Harbour but we are all at the mercy of Mother Nature and there's nothing that we can do about it. Our volunteers and staff are to be commended for not letting the weather deter them from completing and participating in their respective projects.

Conservation in Fiji - Monthly Update March - April 2015

Another fantastic two months at the Shark Conservation Project in Fiji! For the last two months our volunteers have been participating in shark tagging with the University of the South Pacific in order to try identify nursery grounds for scalloped hammerhead sharks in Rewa River.

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