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Prosjekt-oversikt Månedlige Oppdateringer
2016 |  2015

Månedlige Oppdateringer fra 2016

Building - July 2016

In the last week of June 2016, Matthieu from France started volunteering on the Building Project at Barangay Poblacion in San Remigio, Cebu. Matthieu and the local tradesmen helped restore the old Gabaldon school building. The project was supported by one of our partners, the Rotary Club of Mactan.

Disaster Relief Report - March 2016

In March 2016, there were nine volunteers working in the Disaster Rehabilitation Project located in Barangay Argawanon, San Remegio. Volunteers were given separate tasks and guidance from one of the local tradesman. Some volunteers were assigned to paint, guided by the local tradesman (Dante), while the other volunteers were assigned masonry work, guided by the local tradesman (Amid).

Disaster Relief Report - February 2016

During the third week of February 2016, a volunteer started working in the School Building Project at Brgy. Argawanon, San Remegio. Projects Abroad’s local tradesmen were deployed to the project site two-weeksprior to the volunteer’s arrival, to assist the local workers on the school building construction.

Building - January 2016

In January 2016 our volunteer was assigned to assist the local tradesman on tough carpentry work. The volunteer was just observing at first because he was instructed to do so before doing the actual task. He was so curious while observing the local tradesman.

Månedlige Oppdateringer fra 2015

Building - December 2015

In December 2015 the volunteers and the local tradesmen continued reconstructing the school building. They installed the metal roof sheets with the insulation foam underneath to block or stop the heat that penetrates inside the building, which makes the room temperature higher. Before the volunteers worked on the roofing, they underwent a short briefing and were assessed for acrophobia (fear of heights).

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