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Our staff in Kenya regularly put together a newsletter which is sent to volunteers working in Kenya at the time, those signed up to join a project in Kenya and to previous volunteers. The newsletters contain information about the country and our projects, stories written by volunteers, advice on what to expect when volunteering abroad in Kenya and much more. If you're considering overseas voluntary work the newsletters are a great way to gain a better idea of what to expect.

238KB Kenya Nyheter - Juni 2014
Our independence was attained 51 years ago and although the road may have been bumpy here and there, we are still moving on. To celebrate this day volunteers were free to join Kenyans in the Nakuru county main stadium, where the county government presided over the celebration.

215KB Kenya Nyheter - April 2014
Like most care centres and slum schools their startup of starting was no different, they rented a small piece of land that had a few buildings on it that they converted into classrooms. Slum children were invited to attend classes for free and a meal per day was later introduced to ensure the children's daily attendance.

166KB Kenya Nyheter - Februar 2014
After graduating from the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, 31-year-old Dr. Michael DiMeo from Thunder Bay, decided to travel to Kenya to gain some handson experience practicing medicine in a developing country.

559KB Kenya Nyheter - Januar 2014
While on his usual routine at his work place of work Algadhir Clinic, Dr. Michael, a Canadian medical volunteer who has travelled with Projects Abroad noticed a group of ten children all in the same school uniform. With them a lady volunteer who is here to help them get treatment for their eye problem. This led to Dr Michael and the lady seeing the need for an eye check at the whole school which has over 450 children.

636KB Kenya Nyheter - November 2013
19-year-old Ophélie Bertrand, from South-Western France, decided to sign up to spend 2 months volunteering at the Projects Abroad Conservation Project in Kenya. As part of a requirement for her last year of studies, Ophélie had to intern in a field relating to animals. “I have always dreamed of becoming a zoo attendant one day so volunteering at the Conservation Project will be a really valuable experience for my future.”

648KB Kenya Nyheter - Oktober 2013
Having recently graduated from KHBO Brugge with a Midwifery degree, 22-year-old Ilse Drisse from Belgium sought to add a different experience in her career. Ilse decided to sign up for the Projects Abroad PRO Medical Project in Kenya for 3 months. "I chose Africa since they don't have the same technology as we do have back in Europe, it is a different experience and at the same time I am able to help the less fortunate as well as meet new people and experience the new culture.”

605KB Kenya Nyheter - September 2013
29-year-old Luuk Bijl, a primary school teacher from Rotterdam, decided to visit Kenya for the second time for his love of travel and giving back to the society. Armed with 3 years’ experience in teaching, Luuk signed up for the Projects Abroad Care Project and was based at Ronaken Education Centre for one and a half months.

440KB Kenya Nyheter - August 2013
Due to the increase in numbers of medical volunteers as well as the increase in incoming professional medical volunteers, Projects Abroad Kenya has been on the lookout of new medical placements. St. Anthony is a mission health centre run by the Catholic Church as a way of reaching the community by providing affordable medical services.

652KB Kenya Nyheter - Juli 2013
Having worked and saved for years, 18-year-old Marisca Windhorst from Hoofddorp in Northern Holland was left with the heavy choice of how to best use her hard earned savings. This was no easy task for Marisca, but after consulting with her parents, she chose to help the less privileged by travelling and volunteering for two months with Projects Abroad.

959KB Kenya Nyheter - Juni 2013
Travelling with her 6-year-old daughter Olivia, Lotte, a day care manager back in Denmark, has been a great addition to Projects Abroad Kenya as well as its long term partner Hope Children’s Ministry.

538KB Kenya Nyheter - Mai 2013
Together with all members of staff, Projects Abroad Kenya Volunteers extended a helping hand by renovating the dilapidated building at Okoa Mtoto, a home for former street boys.

502KB Kenya Nyheter - April 2013
19-year-old Frederik Scharling, from Holte in Denmark, decided to travel to Kenya with Projects Abroad to do something worthwhile after completing his high school studies.

611KB Kenya Nyheter - Mars 2013
It is 7.00am and the sun has already risen, everyone gets into his/her group, with the groups divided according to the tasks to be undertaken for the day. Being a regular visitor of the conservation project I’m surprised to my unpreparedness for the task ahead of me.

362KB Kenya Nyheter - Februar 2013
My month in Kenya was an amazing experience. The time went by so fast, I can't believe I've already been here one month and I am ready to head to Tanzania. The people I got to meet and the experiences I got to make were incredible.

405KB Kenya Nyheter - Januar 2013
When I asked our host mother what she was planning to do for Christmas and New Year she answered me with: “We shall know.’’ Meaning, I don’t know, but we shall see. Projects Abroad had asked us to help at a children’s care centre on Christmas day.

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