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Our staff in Vietnam regularly put together a newsletter which is sent to volunteers working in Vietnam at the time, those signed up to join a project in Vietnam and to previous volunteers. The newsletters contain information about the country and our projects, stories written by volunteers, advice on what to expect when volunteering abroad in Vietnam and much more. If you're considering overseas voluntary work the newsletters are a great way to gain a better idea of what to expect.

1,75MB Vietnam Nyheter - Februar 2015
There are more than 3400 reasons to love turning up to help with the teaching of conversational English at Nam Thanh Cong Primary School, Hanoi.

1,88MB Vietnam Nyheter - Januar 2015
Volunteering abroad is an incredible and life-changing experience, that exposes us to seeing and doing things differently. By immersing ourselves into different cultures outside of our home countries, we develop a deeper understanding of the country,such as it's history, daily life, people and their interactions.

1,77MB Vietnam Nyheter - Oktober 2014
Today was my last day as a volunteer in the surgery department at the National Hospital of Traditional Medicine. Three weeks ago I knew almost nothing about proctology, hemorrhoids, or even what it was like to spend a day in the life of a surgeon.

1,79MB Vietnam Nyheter - September 2014
My name is Michele. I'm a 31 year old Italian guy and I am currently living in Brussels in Belgium. This summer, I decided not to spend my 3 weeks of holiday in a "conventional" way so I traded beaches, sun and mojitos for volunteering in Hanoi.

2,43MB Vietnam Nyheter - August 2014
Third year undergraduate student majoring in Physiology at the University of Arizona (United States), Kimberly Pham (21), will be doing her honors thesis on acupuncture and the differences between eastern and western medicine.

2,26MB Vietnam Nyheter - Juli 2014
To the next volunteers I would recommend building up a good relationship with the doctors and the surgeons because they will show you many things and explain even more. Besides that, I would recommend asking for a supervisor or contact person who you can discuss your expectations and wishes with and their expectations of you before starting the project. Finally, if you have questions or would like to do things, don’t be shy and just ask them. In gen-eral, everybody is very friendly and would like to teach you a lot.

2,90MB Vietnam Nyheter - Juni 2014
The children thought it was hilarious to see, but found it less appealing when they were asked to come with their own new toothbrush to brush their teeth. Here we also had beautiful films made to show to parents. Also, every time a child went to the toilet, there were a teacher and me stand at the sink to let them wash their hands. I really hope they will keep this up.

1,12MB Vietnam Nyheter - Mai 2014
We were allowed to put our luggage in the reception (we could only check in later), so that we could jump into our bikinis and go lay down on the beach. What a beach! It was like something out of a movie, the blue water, white sand and palm trees were as far as the eye could see!

1,38MB Vietnam Nyheter - April 2014
Happy was my little partner and she was so good. She made it up and down all the stairs by using her feet to feel the way, I’m so proud. Can I please adopt her?! She’s just too cute for her own good. It was such a rewarding afternoon and a perfect end to another week at Bo De.

1,26MB Vietnam Nyheter - Mars 2014
With a strong belief in the positive effects of sports, Milad Popalzay (21) – a second year student majoring in Exercise and Sports Science at Sydney University – was eager to bring his interest and experience to students in Vietnam through the Projects Abroad Sports Project.

1,79MB Vietnam Nyheter - Februar 2014
Caitlin Jutsum (24 from Australia), is a recent Psychology graduate of the Curtin University of Technology when she came to Vietnam to volunteer in a care project with Projects Abroad. She finds herself “very lucky to have met such amazing people and leave with so many fantastic memories” after her 4-week volunteer journey.

2,21MB Vietnam Nyheter - Januar 2014
Vietnam is a place that will stay in my heart forever, and I will undoubtedly be returning.The children at Bo De Care centre taught me very valuable life lessons that will never be forgotten.They taught me how to smile at every point in the day and night, and that in life there is an endless supply of hope, all you have to do is search somewhere that you haven't looked before.

1,28MB Vietnam Nyheter - Desember 2013
When you ask a random child how he or she imagines a shark, the answer will very likely be like: "Sharks have very sharp teeth; they are scary creatures because they eat humans and fish!" We doubt that this kind of answer comes from children only... One minute think about sharks, friends! Are you having these impressions on your mind now, too? :)

1,59MB Vietnam Nyheter - November 2013
Just like in every fairytale the main character has to go through a lot before everything ends well, and I feel that my two and a half months here in Hanoi has been some of the hardest, but also best months of my life – nothing will end as I planned and expected before I left Denmark, but for a control freak like me, I guess this was the perfect training!

1,48MB Vietnam Nyheter - Oktober 2013
I moved to Hanoi in April 2012 with no real future plans. My return ticket for July, was soon forgotten about. I had been working in London as a Glass Artist, and a volunteer Art Teachers Assistant at a small charity for recovering addicts and adults with learning disabilities.

1,66MB Vietnam Nyheter - September 2013
I have always liked to challenge myself and do things out of my comfort zone as I believe that is when you learn the most about yourself and you see your true potential. So when Diep emailed me before my trip and asked if I would be interested in going to a government-run centre for homeless people, which was in desperate need of help, two hours out of Hanoi to work with children, people with disabilities and the elderly – I couldn’t think of anything better.

1,36MB Vietnam Nyheter - August 2013
When I decided to go to Vietnam to teach English I decided to do a lot of things for the first time in my life. I had never been to South-East Asia before. I never travelled on my own before. I had no teaching experience. What if I wouldn't make any new friends? I was really nervous! A couple of days before my departure, I almost regret the whole thing.

2,22MB Vietnam Nyheter - Juli 2013
Being a teacher was something completely new for me and so was Asia. The language, people, the culture... It was all a bit too much and laying in bed the first night, I was already missing home. The days went by and I got more and more comfortable with Hanoi.

3,13MB Vietnam Nyheter - Juni 2013
we started our trip to Sapa on Friday the 10th May 2013, which we had really been looking forward to. Our expectations were high, as many people had told us that a wonderful place Sapa is and that it was one of the "must see" attractions of Vietnam.

1,66MB Vietnam Nyheter - Mai 2013
Vietnam was my third destination with Projects Abroad and I was ready for a new adventure... which is exactly what I got! I am only 18, so when I was offered the opportunity to live in the tiny rural village of Mai Chau, as the sole western volunteer, I was a bit unsure.

1,35MB Vietnam Nyheter - April 2013
I was warmly welcomed to Vietnam by Thao who picked me up at the airport after my flights all the way from Australia. The first shock I got was that the cars are driven on the left side and we travel on the right hand side of the road in Vietnam. Something I’m definitely not used to! It was a chance for me to have a good look at the city of Hanoi.

5,55MB Vietnam Nyheter - Mars 2013
If you can ever imagine the happy and excited faces of the kids at Bo De placement when we told them that they would be given a trip to the zoo to see the lively animals which they were only able to see in the cartoon books or sometimes on television, you will understand how meaningful and unforgettable the trip is to both our volunteers and the kids.

1,70MB Vietnam Nyheter - Februar 2013
Danish volunteer Sofie and me resigned from work this afternoon to go visit the Traditional Flower Market in Hanoi, together with Duong from Projects Abroad and three other volunteers.

3,16MB Vietnam Nyheter - Januar 2013
Talking about the old year, which is also an amazing year to us, we had the pleasure to greet in total 130 volunteers from different parts of the developed countries.

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